Are iPhone XR good phones?

Are iPhone XR good phones?

The iPhone XR is the latest iphone that was released by Apple in September 2018. It has the same A12 Bionic processor and new 12-megapixel lenses as the iPhone xs, which is the most expensive iPhone. iPhone xr has a 6.1-inch LCD screen and a single 12-megapixel camera on the back. At $699, it's $250 less than the iPhone xs and iphone xs max. If you're looking for a cheaper iPhone and do not care about having a larger screen, then iPhone xr is a great choice.

The iPhone XR is is very good for watching movies and playing games. Apple has always built its reputation on its exclusive features. Especially in the XR it has included some features which are present only in the XR and not in any other phone. The XR is a perfect blend of all the features of any iPhone in the market.

The iPhone XR also has a single-lens rear camera system, instead of the dual-lens system in the XS and XS Max. Although it may not have the dual camera system, it still takes pretty good photos. I love using the portrait mode for taking pictures. It gives me the feel of using a DSLR. In addition, I love applying filters to the picture before actually taking the picture with the camera. Overall, the iPhone XR takes good pictures!

Although the iPhone XR is considered a budget phone, it still has a great camera and pretty good battery life. I would recommend to anyone coming from Android. You’ll easily catch on on how to use it in no time!

Speira iPhone XR Screen Protector

I own the iPhone XR and it is a solid smartphone. Without a case it is thin and has a slippery glass backing. The slippery glass backing makes me cringe everything I hold my phone. This is mainly due to my fear of dropping it on the screen and cracking it. God knows I've had my share of cracking phone screens.

The other day I purchased a battery case for my iPhone XR so I wouldn't have to depend on having my charging cord with me. The iPhone XR actually has good battery life by the way. The battery case adds a slight buffer to help protect the screen, but to me it doesn't have a big enough buffer to give me peace of mind to protect the screen if it drops face on the screen.

To give me peace of mind, I searched for a screen protector for my iPhone XR. Lucky for me, I came across the Speira iPhone XR 2-pack screen protectors. This screen protector touts two features and benefits I love: anti-shatter and anti-fingerprint. The anti-shatter ensures that if there is a significant impact drop to the screen that the screen protector won't shatter into small pieces. The anti-fingerprint ensures that you screen protector will not be haunted with alot of finger prints. This makes for cleaning the screen off easily with an anti-scratch cleaning cloth.

Overall, I love the screen protector. I love that I have an extra one in case I need to replace the one I currently have on my iPhone XR. I now have peace of mind to use my phone with or without a case, but I'll stick with using a case as well for added protection for my phone all-around.

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