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The Only Beard Oil You Will Ever Need: White Naturals Beard Oil

Author: John Spears, Jr.
Date: March 10, 2021

I had the pleasure of using White Naturals beard oil. It’s thick in texture so you only need a few drops to moisturize your beard. It’s made of organic ingredients and is fragrance free! It is my hope to give you my honest review of this beard oil.

Why I Chose This Beard Oil

What I love about this beard oil is that it’s made for every type of man, from the lazy to the ambitious man. It’s thick and solid in texture, not like a wax. It is also affordable for something as effective as this beard oil. Another reason is that it is 100% organic. This is important as many of us buy only the most affordable, cheap products on the market that are made with chemically derived ingredients and are loaded with chemicals. My Verdict: This beard oil is a blend of different herbs. It is thick, but not sticky, so you only need a few drops. After a full days use, my beard felt soft and clean. Also, my beard hair felt sleek and shiny.

How To Use This Beard Oil

Wet the beard and massage the oil through the beard. Use the beard dryer on low heat (this optional). I’m so pleased with the results I received from using this beard oil. It has provided my beard with hydration. I highly recommend this beard oil!

The Ingredients in This Beard Oil

You can check out the full ingredient list below to see what ingredients they use in the White Naturals beard oil.


In the summer months you can use this beard oil during the day or at night. During the cooler months, you can use this beard oil at night. I think that this is the best beard oil. If you want something that will make your beard soft and fuzzy, then this is it. I feel like this is the only beard oil that can keep up with your beard’s needs. I will be purchasing this on a regular basis.

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