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What I’ve been up to lately

Author: John Spears, Jr.
Date: October 25, 2020

For the past for weeks I’ve been extremely busy. I must admit that it has caused me some stress and I’ve had to slow down. I had to rest. Rest is good. Resting has allowed me to process my thoughts and I have renewed energy. There are few projects I have to finish for some of my clients. They are the best and patient. They realize web design isn’t my full time job. If you are reading this your documentation on how to update your site is on the way.

While I’m on the subject of clients, I have to say that I have great clients. You know what’s even cooler? I haven’t met most of them in person but it feels like we have known each other for long time! I hope to meet some of them in person.

In the next few weeks I will be making my business name official. I’m excited and it’ll give me more motivation to market and obtain new clients.

I hope all is well with each of you who read this post. Drop a comment to let me know you are well.

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