Count it all joy during COVID-19

I know that times are hard. I want to encourage someone who maybe lonely , may not have a job, and have loss a loved. I know it’s not easy to deal with what we are all dealing with—the Coronavirus. The simple truth is I do not have all the answers.

One thing that has preserved me and my family is our root in Jesus Christ. You may be reading thinking: How could God allow this disease to growth rampant?” First of all it is human nature to point blame to something or someone. Somethings that happen in our life in regards to diseases are our own faults. It often easy to blame others. What I simply saying is a God did not bring this disease to humans. He will use it to get our attention though.

In this season of your life, it is still okay to smile. If you haven’t spent time with God in prayer, now is a great time to devote some time. I believe that many of my prayers will be answered in this season. I believe He will do the same for you and your family.

For those who own businesses or you’re unemployed, I am praying for you. I pray God will supply every need for you and your family (Read Matthew 6:33). Please take care and know that a door is opening soon.

If you are reading and do not believe in God, I hope that the words fill your heart with Christ presence. Yes, it would be nice for God to answer every prayer, but we would take advantage of it. It’s difficult to process why God would allow a loved one to die. The reality of it is that life happens to us all. I can only talk from personal experience that God has taken care of me through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

To healthcare workers and first responders, I appreciate you. Thank you for all you do to help those who are impacted by this disease. I pray for continued strength and I pray Psalm 91 over you (and those of you reading). We will get through this!

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