Reduce Stress with online gaming

Playing video games can be a great way to unwind after a long day, or to distract yourself during one. Many gamers like myself like to play games to escape into a fantasy world, while others enjoy the process of leveling up and improving their character. Whatever your reason for gaming, there’s no denying that they can be a great way to reduce stress and have some fun. Recently, I googled free HTML 5 video games and I came across a website called I’ll share my experience with the platform and then I’ll share some benefits on how video games can help reduce stress!

What is Plays.Org?

Initially, when one sees the, you would think it would be a website that caters to plays and/or musicals. However, this is not the case! is a website that has quite a few HTML 5 based online games. Scrolling on their website I was able to see a few games that remind me of a few child games such as Tetris (Super Tetris) and PacMan (PacRat). I took the liberty to play both of the games since I played the original games growing up! It was interesting to see how these games would look. I recommend playing these games on your pc or laptop, but some games such as Super Tetris give you an option to play either on desktop or mobile device!

Video Review of

There are plenty of categories to choose from

Not sure what kind of games you want to play? Don’t worry. They have a few select games in categories on the homepage that you can choose from.

I was impressed with the number of categories available for me to select from the footer of the website. There are categories for board games, 2 player games, shooting, and sports just to name a few! They even add new games pretty frequently so you’ll never get bored!

Stress relief benefits from playing video games

I can speak personally about this! Video games are a way for me to escape into a more peaceful world, providing a fantasy world that allows me to blow off steam or deal with stress. The fun and excitement of playing video games can be very effective for relieving stress. Video games helps me to release some of my pent up aggression and frustration. Additionally, video games can be very entertaining for individuals who are dealing with a stressful or unfulfilling life. The rush of winning a game can make up for the low points of a long day. Trust me I know!

Final Thoughts

Reducing stress can be as simple as increasing your physical activity and lowering your stress levels. Taking some time to look around and evaluate what is causing your stress, and brainstorm ways to deal with it, can be all it takes. What better way to blow off some steam by playing video games! I’m glad that I found because it gives me the opportunity to take moments to myself to take my mind off things that stress me! It is a way for me to have fun and enjoy some games that are inspired by some of my childhood favorites as I mentioned earlier!

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