The Road to 1K YouTube Subscribers

The Road to 1K YouTube Subscribers

I am currently approaching 1K subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I must admit it has been a LONG journey. I remember when I started with only two subscribers and I obtain those two subscribers with little to no activity. In order to grow my traffic, I started researching for companies that worked to help influencers grow their YouTube Channel. I found a company called Tomoson. Tomoson has great deals from companies and some of the items you can get for free. I was able to obtain free items and review them on YouTube. I began to slowly get subscribers but not at the pace I expected!

Since I developed a passion for website design, I would review website design software I purchased or even review the free trial of the new version of the software. That company was Magix and the software was Xara Web Designer. I was able to form a relationship with one of their PR reps and was able to review some of their software for free in return for an honest review; I’d also write how-to videos as well. I began to see people subscribe to my YouTube.

Fast forward to now: I’ve been able to establish a pretty good subscriber base. A few years back I was able to monetize with no problems. Due to some violations by a well-known Youtuber, YouTube decided to change their monetization policy. The new policy required a Channel to have 1,000 subscribers and many more requirements. That’s when I started trying to reach the goal of 1,000 subscribers. Beforehand, I was able to monetize even though I wasn’t bringing in much. Now that my content has grown I believe I can monetize so I can enhance my YouTube Channel.

Why the Road to 1K YouTube Subscribers?

The answer is simple: I want to be able to monetize and use the funds to enhance my content. This will entail being able to purchase camera equipment to bring my viewers a better YouTube experience with my content! So if you’re reading this and haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel, you can do so right now! I am currently sitting 882 subscribers and I need only 118 more! I’m almost there!

The Road to 1K YouTUbe Subscribers!









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