Will Lawrence and Issa get back together?

Before I address my opinion on whether Issa and Lawerence will get together, let me address my initial thoughts on the show this season. First of all, Molly is getting on my nerves. I do understand that characters evolve whether it be forward progression or digression. I feel that Molly is being a bit judgmental on how Issa is living her life right now. Just last season Molly was sleeping with Dro—a married man. I’m glad that Molly is trying to grow for the better but she should at least understand that sometimes people fall in a funk. I think in Episode 6 we may see the friendship take a hit and the tension will reach an all time high. You could kind of see it in episode 3 where the friendship seems to be headed south. I’m hoping for the best though.

So the question at hand? Will Issa and Lawrence end up back together? For some reason I think that they will. On episode 3, you could tell that Lawrence and Condola we’re experiencing some tension based on something a friend told him at the Friendsgiving celebration. Condola’s drunk friend basically told Lawrence that Condola wasn’t completely over her ex-husband. When Lawerence asked Condola if it was true she denied it but her body language didn’t quite add up.

Before the episode ended, Lawerence went to Instagram to see what his friends were up to during the holiday. He eventually ended up on Issa’s Insta Story and he smiled seeing her have a good time with her brother during dinner. He slid in her DMs and sent an emoji and Issa responded. The credits came on leaving us the viewers with much to talk about.

I think by the season finale we will see Lawerence and Issa back together or at least working towards getting back together. What y’all think?

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