12-inch mobile phone screen magnifier

Got an older smartphone that you do not use? If you answered yes to my question, then I have the solution for you. Although not perfect for smartphones will a lot of bezel, the 12-inch mobile phone screen magnifier does just that–magnify! So do not throw that old smartphone away just yet! You’ll still have good use for it with this magnifier.

The quality of the magnifier is nice. It has a nice leather quality and can be used many times without immediate wear and tear. I’d caution to be careful with the projection screen itself as it can easily scratch if you have long nails.

The setup is extremely easy and it detailed on the box. Just fold the back flap in and the middle partition folds toward the projector screen to hold it up. Next you’ll be ready to place your phone on the back flap.

From my testing of the mobile phone screen magnifier, it is best to view in the dark especially if you have an older device. New smartphone have less bezel so you’ll have a perfect projection to fill out the entire screen of the projector.

This mobile screen magnifier is a cheap alternative for those who are not ready to spend money on an iPad or Android tablet for yourself or the kids. You can find this item on Amazon or at this link

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