How to fix the E1f9 whirlpool washer error

The E1f9 whirlpool washer error is a particularly an indication that your washer isn’t able to drain properly . First, check the washer’s manual to see if there’s anything listed there that could be causing the error. (If you don’t have the manual, you can perform a quick google search.) If you don’t find anything, you’ll have to go to the source of the problem, which is the probably washer’s pump filter. This filter always water to properly drain out. If it is clogged with a sock or excessive lent, it’ll give you the E1f9 error. My video below will help walk you through the process!

What tools do I need?

You’ll need at least two to three items to fix the cause of the error. You’ll need a shop vacuum to vacuum excess water from the pump filter. You’ll need a 1/4” socket wrench to unscrew the three screws from the bottom panel on the front of the washer. If you don’t have a shop vacuum I recommend putting a pan underneath the screw cap where the filter water will drain out.

Steps to fix the E1f9 whirlpool error

  1. For safety purposes, be sure to unplug your washer. Then, remove bottom panel with 1/4 inch socket. You’ll be removing three screws.
  2. Next, you’ll need to ready your shop vacuum. The bottom panel will reveal on your right hand side a white pump with a cap on it. Slowly turn the cap to the left. Be sure you go ahead and turn on the shop vacuum before turning the cap. As you turn the cap, water will come out and the shop vacuum will suck it up.
  3. Once you have gotten all the water out, you can then open the cap all the way! You may find excessive lent or even a sock lodged in the cap of filter.
  4. After you have cleaned the pump filter you can screw the cap back on and put the bottom panel back on. Plug washer power cord back into power outlet and run a cycle to ensure you have success!

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