My AncestryDNA Experience

In the past few years, a lot of people have learned more about their ethnic heritage and ancestral history through DNA testing.  I was one of them: I took a DNA test offered by and found out some interesting things about myself and my history.

My AncestryDNA experience has been one of the most interesting things I have done. I have learned quite a lot about myself and my family. For a long time I wondered where I came from and wanted to confirm that I am a descendant of Africans who were enslaved in America via the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. My results are below!

My results from AncestryDNA

The results confirmed what I had suspected: my ancestors were enslaved in America. My next step is to try add to my family tree and see how far back I can actually go! It will be a challenge due to most slaves having inherited the last name of their slave masters. Some free slaves even used other names like Freeman to disassociate with their slave owners name. Nevertheless, it will be an interesting journey.

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