My photography journey

I’ve been capturing moments on my iPhone 6s for sometime now. I use it as my main photography device in fact. A good friend of mine was generous to send me a Canon Powershot point and shoot camera to help me get acquainted with manual controls before upgrading to a DSLR. When I do use my iPhone, I use quite a few camera apps. The picture below was taken with an iOS app called FILCA. The iPhone camera sensors paired with any app gives you pretty good quality photos but I know nothing beats a DSLR. I hope to own a DSLR one day and when I do I’ll be posting my photos.

The right lighting to capture on my iPhone 6s using FILCA app.

I’ve often seen posts from photographers stating that the best camera is the one you own. In other words, a skilled photographer can use a basic camera to capture something and make it look magical. If you can’t capture an angle with an iPhone, you probably won’t be able to do the same with a DSLR. It takes time to capture something special but it is also nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Here is a picture of a pink rose I captured.

Pink rose capture on iPhone 6s using the app FILCA.

It’s simply amazing how far smartphone cameras have come. With access to control ISO and exposure and shutter speed, I’ve been able to capture some very high quality visuals. Whenever I see something I want to capture I pull out my iPhone 6s to seize the moment.

If you’re reading this and you like taking pictures, what do you use most—your phone or DSLR camera?

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