Sanag Smart Watch Review

Sanag Smart Watch on Wrist

Sanag Smart Watch Review

I’ve had my share of Fitbit watches! In fact, I think I have bad luck when it comes to them. Every time I upgrade my wife’s Fitbit, I end up getting her old one. For some reason, I always have something come up wrong. With one of her old Fitbits, the arm bands would always break and I finally gave up wearing it. Last year I upgraded her Fitbit Versa to the Fitbit Versa 2. I obtained the Fitbit Versa and it worked for a few days. Overtime, I noticed that the green laser that monitors my heart rate and sleep would turn off and on. I finally gave up!

Upon searching on Amazon, I came across the Sanag Smart Watch. I thought I’d give it a try since most of the reviews on it was favorable. Most times I take a chance of products even if the reviews are not the best.

What I like

*Battery Life: The battery life is pretty good. I don’t have to charge it much. I normally put it on charger after three days and I still have two or three bars left.
*Steps Monitoring: It seems to keep an accurate step count.
*Heart rate: I was skeptical at first but it seems to be on par especially when doing cardio exercises.
*Touch Screen: It’s responsive. You can swipe left or right to go between different features such as Heart rate, number of calories burned, etc. Swiping up and down on the screen will allow you to choose the type of Home Screen you want.

What I don’t like

*Blood Pressure: I don’t think the blood pressure function is that accurate. I tested with an actual blood pressure machine and it was off. I trust the blood pressure machine rather than the smart watch.*Sleep Monitoring: it’s hit or miss. I’ll give it sometime. I’ll update my review if the sleep monitoring gets better overtime.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. I mainly wanted it to measure my steps and heart rate when I’m exercising. I’m a little disappointed with the sleep monitoring but I’m going to see if the time frames make sense. It appears to be off at times.  I’ll have to see if it gets better with time. I love the design of the watch and it is well made and does not feel cheap–for the price I paid it better not.

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