VeeFine 20z Tumbler Review

VeeFine 20z Tumbler Review

When it comes to keeping my beverages cold, I’ve always desired to buy a YETI. After doing much research, I came across a 20z tumbler from VeeFine. Right off the bat, I must admit that the tumbler is well-designed since it is made of stainless steel. Before I tell you my thoughts on the tumbler, let me give you a few details about cleaning and maintenance.

How to take care of your VeeFine Tumbler

In order to clean your tumbler, you will need to use a neutral detergent or use warm water after each use. Never use harsh abrasive scrubbers and sponges since they tend to do more damage to your tumbler. Since the tumbler is able to contain hot beverages, it is recommended that the hot liquid does not exceed 194 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Celsius.

What I like about the VeeFine Tumbler

What I love most about the tumbler is that the tumbler keeps the liquids I drink hot for extended hours. I have tried hot teas and coffee in my tumbler and the heat maintains it’s original heat content. In other words, even after an hour, the tea or coffee still has the same heat temp it did when I poured into tumbler.

When it comes to cold beverages, I was even more impressed. Most times when you have ice cubes in a cup, you have the cup experience sweating on the perimeter. If you are not using a coaster on your furniture, the precipitation (sweat) can damage your furniture over time. The good thing about this tumbler is you will not experience any extreme sweating if any at all.

Overall Impressions

I cannot lie–I am excited that I have a tumbler that is insulated well-enough to keep my beverages either hot or cold for an extended amount of time. If you are interested in buying this tumbler, you can do so by using the code: JXYND64K and you will get 25% off! You can purchase this tumbler on Amazon:

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